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   Keystone United was formed in September of 2001 by a small group of  White advocates residing in the state capitol of Harrisburg, PA.  Within less than a year, we had forged chapters in virtually every major part of the state from Philadelphia and Lancaster to Pittsburgh, Altoona and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area.

   After attending nearly every major  pro-White function up and down the East Coast that year, we had successfully organized our first show by November of 2002. We managed to pull in well over 300 members of the nationalist community to this event. With this, we set the foundations for a real alternative to the degenerate influences found virtually everywhere today. Since that first step we have helped to create a positive atmosphere within the cause through our concerts, gatherings and family events. We have also been physically attacked, imprisoned, harassed and slandered for attempting to remove the destructive propaganda fed to today’s youth through the mass media. On March 13th 2004 in Altoona, PA, after more than a year of trouble-free events, state, local and federal law enforcement agencies were ordered to raid one of our shows. Terrified at the concept of offering Whites a positive alternative, subversive Cultural Marxist organizations such as the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center used their influence among law enforcement agencies to see to it that our concert was shut down. After sending in plain clothed officers to observe the situation, members of the ATF fully clad in riot gear stormed the local community center where the show was taking place. This resulted in two of the organizers being brought up on charges and those in attendance being forced to fill out paperwork and have their pictures taken. Once again proving that Cultural Marxists will continue to use any means necessary to silence us, including our own federal government.

   The list of obstacles we’ve been forced to endure has become a long and tedious one that we don’t see changing anytime soon. It is a list that will continue to grow as our adversaries become increasingly hostile towards our efforts to create a more productive outlet for Whites. Since the formation of  Keystone United, we have undergone many changes, some of them good and some of them bad, but all of these hardships have taught us the importance of discipline, self-sacrifice and determination. These qualities have enabled us to remain focused on our initial goals and grow in a much more productive direction, away from the outdated elements of the movement. We now intend to focus our efforts on raising awareness among Whites through an increase in public activism and the creation of various outreach programs. These programs have been designed in an effort to channel the frustration caused by today’s hostile atmosphere and the lack of options offered to our folk. Additionally, these programs are intended to raise awareness about issues that have often caused many people to give in to their frustrations and lash out in the past. By offering education and guidance, we intend to mobilize our people for change and create an atmosphere capable of weeding out the superficial and outdated reactionary elements so that we may continue to move forward. We hope that many of you will continue to assist us in these efforts and we also look forward to what the future brings .


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