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Nationalists Confront Antifa In Bloomfield PA

By Erik ADS

Big Idea Bookstore and terrorist organization Antifa were confronted by Nationalists last Saturday. Recently, Antifa has been responsible for vandalizing a WW1 monument this past Memorial Day. The monument was covered in red paint with drawings of hammer and sickles as well as not-so-veiled threats. This comes with the recent protesting by BLM and their supporters. These protests have resulted into rioting, looting, vandalism, and violent confrontation by Antifa. They have also been using bombs and incendiary devices which have been found around Pittsburgh.

Three banners we’re held up so people passing by in cars and on foot can read our message loud and clear. The banner read “Honk if you hate Antifa” which got dozens of honks, “Better Dead Than Red” that many cheered on and “Stand against Antifa” which made the neighborhood proud that somebody in town finally standing up for their community that Antifa have tried taken hostage. The neighborhood was intrigued especially the women that were checking out the handsome lads that were there to set the standard.

A few dozen camera women and Antifa showed up but were quickly drowned out and left with staggering panic. They called the police, but were just left with disappointment because the boys in blue said it’s their right to protest. Antifa got upset but no vehicles were flipped. Not so brave when the numbers are even huh?

The nationalists moved forward to their next destination and had one hell of a party and gig. Pennsylvania lager and steel is where it’s at with American Defense Skins and Keystone United.

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I'm with you on that Brother...13 WORDS/88...


Hallo mein Name ist Heiko.

Ich komme aus Berlin/Deutschland und gehöre zur Anti-Antifa. Es ist schön zu lesen, dass die ganze Welt gegen die Terroristen der Antifa kämpft. Leider sind die Menschen in Deutschland nicht ganz soweit wie ihr Amerikaner. Aber wir arbeiten daran. Bleibt standhaft.


Good stuff, gents! Always good to hear about some fellow travelers in the American wasteland making pantifa cry.

Stay strong, & stay safe out there.


John Huber
John Huber
Jun 21, 2020

Respect !!

Antifa been in both Indiana and Altoona recently.

Lone Wolf cries out

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