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Revolution of Tradition

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by: Grady Wilhelm, Rob Rundo, and Rise Above Movement

The modern worlds relentless war on European nationalists, whether they be from our home continent or not, is waged from every possible angle. The most effective strategy they have been deploying against us is mass propaganda in pop culture. They seek to destroy our youth thus in turn destroying the future of the nation. Neo “Marxists” such as those of the Frankfurt school push to destroy all social bonds between people whether they be ethnic, cultural or heretical. This has been a tactic of the left sense Lenin.

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”- Vladimir Lenin

We see this propaganda especially in Hollywood and the music industry. The elites push anti quite propaganda films like joker and imperium. In imperium the director portrayed the clean cut white family man as the “bloodthirsty” terrorists. The new Joker movie takes a much more subtle approach. Instead of out right demonizing white people like in “Imperium” they instead demonize clean cut wall street style business men. This may seem harmless however how often are these types non white? Very rarely, this allows them to attack whites in a way that seems to have no anti white message. The simple fact is that when you demonize clean cut business men for the most part you demonize whites, this is because when compared to most minorities we dominate in this area of success.

“Joker” also glorifies the incel white psychopath, in the subway scene of the film the Joker guns down three white clean cut businessman and the last one he actually chases down and kills while he lays on his back ,This was no act of self defense. It’s a saga of a white man who is weak mentally and physically. Only then he becomes powerful, when he pulls out a gun, this is Joker. Yet somehow the director portrays him as the hero of the film. This is a common phenomenon in Hollywood movies. They demonize successful white men and paint the emasculated betas as the hero’s. This leads to the youth either using this negative beta example as their role model or they often look to the black community who worship rappers and drug dealers. This not only kills their culture it also kills their natural western morality causing them to act as thugs.

Anti white propaganda in pop culture is a common topic in authentic right wing circles however the reactions to this propaganda has caused more harm than good. The right takes a submissive and defensive position to this topic. We need to embrace masculine opposition, by this I mean we shouldn’t wine about the tactics of the enemy as if we are surprised they attack us. This gives us a bad image and makes us very unappealing and hypocritical.

There is a better way, through their demonization there is a positive light, we see what they view as their enemy. This gives us an archetype to embody, they hate the clean cut white man who cares for and respects his family. So that is what we must embody. They demonize our culture with groups such as the ADL who mark our ancient divine symbols as “hateful” so we must embrace our traditions and hold on to them at all cost. The youth must read our people’s great sagas, the Norse Eddas and the Greek odyssey must become common reading again. However just reading about Indo-European values is not enough, you must embody them. Our ancestors respected masculine virtues such as courage, honor and strength. Demonstrate these in your life. Working out is absolutely essential to being a nationalist. We need men who will stand up and put their neck on the line for our cause, “words are wind deeds are iron” Our counter revolution must be fanatical and extreme.

“Traditionalism is the most revolutionary ideology of our times” - Julius Evola

In order for us to push back the leftist revolution we must create a nationalist counter culture. This culture must be constructed with a firm foundation of our ancient traditions and a respect for healthy lifestyles. We need clean cut young men to caring the flame of tradition into the new epoch. It is not materialistic or narcissistic to care about your appearance as a nationalist, your appearance is your first expression of communication with someone and communication is exactly what we need. A basic concern about your appearance isn’t egotism, it’s self respect. Respect yourself, respect your ancestors, respect your traditions.

“Be radical, have principles, be absolute, be that which the bourgeoisie calls an extremist: give yourself without counting or calculating, don't accept what they call ‘the reality of life' and act in such a way that you won't be accepted by that kind of ‘life', never abandon the principle of struggle.” -Julius Evola

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Fletcher Smith
Fletcher Smith

I like that.David Duke talks about these same principles in his book my awaking...8

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