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Keystone United 18th Annual Picnic Recap

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

June has passed and Keystone United hosted its annual family picnic and as always it was a great time with family and friends! The picnic took place on private land this year and it was a truly beautiful setting. There was a nice picnic area and plenty of room for lawn games (which I was undefeated in by the way, haha). There was also an amazing creek on the property that was deep enough for some folks to enjoy a nice swim and a refreshing dip on this wonderful but hot day. Due to the picnic being on private land the turn out this year was smaller than previous years but it was still a great turn out and a wonderful time! The food was wonderful, and as always, and there was enough to feed a small army. As the sun went down everyone moved to the to the bonfire area where there was a nice size fire going. Gathered around the fire we all sat around and talked and joked about life and everything in general for the rest of the night. In closing I would just like to thank everyone that came out and to everyone that attends are our events that we put on. All your support and help means so much to us! It is your support that makes us feel proud to try to do our part. It is you who helps us fuel the fire and keep the flame alive and the momentum going. And it is you and your support that encourages us to bring people together for positive events and promote unity within our struggle. Thank you all! STAY STRONG/STAY TRUE -Bob

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