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Leif Erikson Day Celebration 2019

On the evening of Saturday, September 28th, members and supporters of Keystone United gathered in Philadelphia for the annual Leif Erikson Memorial and celebration.

After gathering together, the group held a torchlight procession down to the site were once stood the statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni, a Scandinavian explorer who followed Leif Erikson, in the hopes of colonizing N. America (Vinland).

The statue was installed on Philly's “Boathouse Row” in 1920. Over the years it had become well known to art lovers, collegiate rowers, tourists and those of Scandinavian heritage. Starting in 2007, it became the focal point for Keystone United's annual Leif Erikson Memorial. Unfortunately, most every year Keystone United was met by a motley group of protestors from local Antifa and leftist groups. These people would almost always vandalize the statue and surrounding areas with graffiti featuring their “movements” symbols on the night prior to the memorial event, leaving no doubt who was responsible. In the early morning hours of October 2nd, 2018, no doubt emboldened by recent instances where other groups and assorted filth pulled down statues and flags in their attempt to stamp out heritage, history and pride, Antifa toppled the statue of Karlsefni into the Schuylkill River. Statue or no, Keystone United walked to the empty pedestal where it once stood to send the message that this ignorant, childish attempt to stifle our pride and remove our heritage will not succeed! We will meet it head on,and invite all who cherish and want to preserve their heritage and history to join with us

If Antifa and their ilk have their way, proud white Americans will only be the first victims. Any members of any race who stand up against their Communist/ Anarchist delusions will be targeted,too. We've seen recently, both in Philly and elsewhere, that when minority people stand up against them, Antifa's mask of “anti-racism” slips away and the racial epithets and slurs pour from their lips, along with physical attacks. Anti-racist? When it suits them. Anti-fascist? They have proven themselves to be the NEW fascists!!

Keystone United, it's supporters and friends will continue to gather on Boathouse Row on/near the anniversary of Leif Eriksons achievements to celebrate their heritage. The statues vandalism strengthened, not disheartened them. Once again, Antifa proved themselves to be sad, pathetic failures.

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1 Comment

Fletcher Smith
Fletcher Smith
Jan 05, 2022

I was just wondering, do yall still gather there?has anyone pulled the statue from the river? Smash the left...they suck. 8

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